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Documents Required for Pan Card

Application for individual application

Citizen of India located in India at the Time of Application for PAN

Proof of Identity

A copy of one of the following documents:

  • Copy of certificate that had been issued while leaving school
  • Copy of matriculation certificate
  • Any recognized educational education’s degree copy
  • Statement from any saving bank account
  • Transaction statement record of credit card
  • Account statement or bank passbook copy
  • Copy of water bill
  • Copy of ration card
  • Assessment order from property tax
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of election identity card
  • Copy of driving license
  • An identity certificate y bearing signature of a MP, Legislative Assembly and or from the Municipal Councillor. Such copies from a Gazetted Officer can be submitted provided it is brought in the format prescribed.

Document Submission for Address Proof

Following document’s copy is to be submitted:

  • Copy of electricity bill
  • Copy of telephone bill
  • Copy of statement from a bank account
  • Statement from credit card
  • Bank passbook or account statement
  • Copy of rent receipt
  • Certificate from an employer
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Election Identity Card
  • Copy of tax assessment order pertaining to property held
  • Copy of driving License
  • Copy of ration card
  • A certificate for address verification having been signed through any MP and or Legislative Assembly and or one by the Municipal Councillor. Such certificates from a Gazetted Officer can also be submitted provided they all are in the format prescribed.

(These documents used for address proof listed above from 1 to 7 numbers mustn’t be older that half year at least while applying.)

Indian Citizens Willing to Apply for PAN while Not present in the Country

Documents for Identity Proof

  • Passport copy

Documents for Address Proof

One document from those listed below would do

  • Passport copy
  • A copy of the statement of account in the foreign country’s bank
  • A copy of the statement from Non-Residential External bank account

Foreigners staying in India and willing to Apply for PAN must Submit the Following Documents 

Document for Identity Proof

A copy of any document mentioned below

  • Passport copy
  • A copy of Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card issued by the Indian Government

Proof of Address

Any of the below mentioned documents’ copy

  • Passport copy
  • A copy of the statement of bank account held in India
  • Copy of the stay permit which local police issues to foreigners
  • Foreigner's Registration Officer’s Registration Certificate
  • A copy of the PIO or Person of Indian Origin card having been issued by Indian Government
  • A copy of statement from Non-Residential External bank account

Foreigners willing to Apply for PAN while not Present in India

Document Stating Identity Proof

  • Passport copy
  • A copy of the foreign national identity being attested through Embassy/Consulate/High Commission / Apostille of India.  
  • A copy of PIO or Person of Indian Origin Card being issued through Government of India

Document Stating Address Proof

Any one of the following documents would do

  • Passport copy
  • Copy of identity showing other national and is being attested through Embassy/Consulate or Indian High Commission et al.
  • A copy of statement of foreign country’s bank account having been attested by Embassy or Indian High Commission in a country where applicant Indian stays
  • A copy of the PIO or Person of Indian Origin Card which Indian Government issues
  • A copy of the statement of Non-Residential External bank account
  • It shouldn’t be more than six months old and must show at least two transactions held during that period
  • The Embassy of India / Consular / High Commission or Apostille must attest the period and besides the bank manager attestation from the bank branch. Any joint applicant can do.)

Applications besides the individual categories including Artificial Juridical Person, AOP(Trust), Firm, Local Authority, BOI, Company, HUF and AOP et al.

Owning a Self Establishment in the Country

Document to use as Identity Proof

  • HUF: A document being prescribed for the cases of individuals as the HUF Karta.
  • Company: Registration Certificate copy being issued by the Registrar dealing with Companies.
  • Firms:    A copy of registration Certificate which Registrar of Firms issue or any copy mentioning Deeds for Partnership.
  • Trusts or AOP: The copy of Trust Deed or registration Copy Certificate which the Charity Commissioner issues.
  • Artificial Juridical Person or Local Authority (AOP/BOI): Agreement copy or the registration Certificate having been issued by the Co-Operative Society registrar or Commissioner for Charity or the documents issued from a Competent Authority. Besides these a document which originates from any of the departments from Center or State Government concerned to establish a person’s identity or address.  

If Not owning a Self Establishment in the Country

Document to Use for Identity Proof

Any of the following documents would suffice for this purpose

  • A registration certificate copy from the country where residing at present which is attested through the Consulate or High Commissioner of India in the specific country
  • A copy of the registration certificate having been attested through competent authorities  
  • A approval copy which country’s competent authority issues  
  • A copy of accompanying documents besides the permit which India’s competent authority issues
  • Duly acknowledged application form copy submitted by the applicant before the authorities  

(Such documents would be accepted when an applicant provides an Indian address while applying for PAN card.)

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